The 2000s style is quirky, fun, and colorful. There is a good reason Y2K-inspired hairstyles are making a comeback. While most retro hairstyles are for long hair, there are some fun looks for short hair. The styles are great for all hair textures.

You can follow the Y2K hairstyles tutorial to master the look. If your hair is short, there are retro styles that you will love. Here are five trendy Y2K-inspired looks for short hair.

Embracing Butterfly Clips

If you grew up listening to Britney or watching Mary-Kate and Ashley, butterfly clips are not new to you. The colorful clips have made a comeback, as is evident on TikTok and Instagram, and they are not confined to the playground.

The clips will allow you to get creative with your short locks. You can use two or more clips to style your short hair. You can clip several front sections of your hair or use one side clip for a minimalist look.

Flipped Out Ends

This retro look was big in the 2000s, but it can trace its roots to the 70s. Flipped out ends are perfect for short hair. If you have a flat iron, simply flip your hair ends outwards to achieve the look. The ends need to stick out, and you can add some layers to your hair.

For another nod to Y2K, include a zigzag parting. The Y2k-inspired part is great for updos, but it can also work when hair is worn down. A middle or side part will work great for your slicked-down short hair.

Cute Baby Braids

All things braids are hot right now, and baby braids are back and as cute as ever. They are easy to create, and they can help spruce up any hairstyle. Braids can work well for long and short hair. Part the hair in the middle and braid two small sections of the front hair.

Use clear rubber bands at the end to keep the braids from unraveling. A little hair gel will help keep the hair in check for a chic look. You can complete the look by using butterfly clips on the baby braids.

Slide Hair Clips

Hair accessories were a big part of Y2K hairstyles. Whether you use the clips to restrain a fringe or make a statement, the colorful clips are perfect. You can use bold and chunky slide clips to accessorize your short hair.

Clips are handy when you do not have much time to style your hair. If your hair is too short to tie into a bun or ponytail, slide clips can come to your rescue. They can hold the hair in place for a 2000s throwback look.

Bleached Bangs

Bangs can help frame your face regardless of your hair length. Bleached bangs will create the Y2K vibe. You can even create the look without a fringe. Section off two thick pieces of hair at the front on both sides of the face. Bleach the two sections and leave the rest of the hair dark. This edgy and daring look is perfect for short hair.


There are thousands of social media clips that feature styles from the 2000s. You can get all the inspiration you need for the Y2K-inspired look from how-to videos.