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1950s Fashion Print

In their place, vintage designers like Bonnie Cashin, Ceil Chapman and Pauline Trigere had been introduced to girls’s closets within the ’50s. Instead of the full-hipped skirts so in style during the first half of the decade, silhouettes grew to become slimmer. Sheath dresses have been more common and infrequently topped with a cropped bolero jacket. Instead of the plaid and polka dots so popular within the early 50s, late-50s styles featured extra monochrome fabrics.

Lady Ethel Templer (née Davie, ), purchased this gown in the late 1950s. She was very slim and was in a position to purchase the original costume worn by a house model for the collection.

Balenciaga was renowned in the commerce for inspecting and resetting sleeves that were not excellent. Tweed was a sturdy woollen cloth that appealed to Balenciaga due to the optical illusions created by the 2 or extra colors in the indistinct flecked pattern. Suit, Utility Scheme Suit Edward Molyneux ( , designer), for the Utility Scheme 1942 London Tailored tweed check Museum no. Given by the Board of Trade, by way of Sir Thomas Barlow, Director-General of Civilian Clothing This is a good example of a Utility Suit. It is from …