Razor bumps can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to deal with. If you’ve ever shaved with a razor, you know the feeling – itchy, uncomfortable bumps that appear all over the area you’ve recently shaved, typically along with redness and irritation. Can you get rid of them? If so, how? Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can avoid razor bumps.

1. Use a Shaving Cream

Shaving creams and gels make your shave much better. They can help with sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, and, yes, razor bumps. If you’re interested in avoiding razor bumps when you shave, a shaving cream should be your first step. Find one that’s tailored to the way you shave and the specific problems you might have.

2. Make Sure Your Razor Is Sharp and Clean

Do you remember when you last changed your razor blade? If you can’t remember, you need to change it. As much as you might want to keep using that disposable razor blade over and over again, every time you use it, it’s getting duller and more prone to nicking you. You should throw out disposable razor blades every time you shave and replace reusable razor blades regularly.

3. Shave With the Grain

It seems obvious to shave the opposite way that your hair is growing, as that’s the best way to catch the hair at the root, right? However, the opposite is actually better for your skin. If you shave against the grain, the hair will lift up your skin, and you’re more likely to take a little bit of skin with the hair. If you shave toward the grain, you can avoid accidentally cutting yourself or creating razor bumps.

4. Take a Steamy Shower and Shave From There

Most people agree that the warm shower can help open up your hair follicles, which makes it easier to shave without potential issues with cutting yourself. Whether you shave in the shower or you shave afterwards, a steamy shower makes your hair softer and easier to shave, which helps you avoid concerns with razor burn.

5. Try an Anti-Inflammatory Cream

If you’re doing all of these things and still getting razor bumps, you’re not alone. A post-shave cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like shea butter and aloe vera, can be the perfect tool to keep your skin feeling soft and supple, rather than itchy and bumpy. Grab an Ulta coupon before you buy your post-shave cream to get a great deal.


Razor burns are frustrating, but they’re not something you have to deal with if you’re going to shave. All you have to do is tailor your shaving routine to yourself. By taking advantage of these five tips, you’ll be more likely to avoid razor burn and get that smooth skin without accidentally hurting yourself.